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Breakfast, Lunch & Tea

Nutritionists tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - we should start the day feasting like Kings; lunch like a princess and enjoy dinner like a pauper.

In between times “a little something” can be good for the soul, assist with social occasions and some days just satisfy the craving to chew!


I think the important thing is to be aware generally of eating when we are hungry and of what balance our bodies’ need – which is different for each individual. These principles are the same whatever food culture we prefer and regardless of special dietary restrictions for example Asian, European, Raw, Vegan; Gluten, dairy, spice free.


Good quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients, treated with respect can always be turned in to something delicious as well as nutritious.


Whichever the food moment you are thinking about, I can help you select items to nurture as well as satisfy your important people - family or guests. For all day events I can create a ”menu” that provides the variety desired and balance required.


“Jennie you are very professional and extremely accommodating. A pleasure to work with.”

Peta W, Paraparaumu Beach



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